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Dan Nathan and Guy Adami are joined by Deirdre Bosa to break down and dissect the top headlines in the tech sector this week. The crew dives into recent tech trends, dissects Nvidia’s influence in AI, and analyzes post-earnings stock movements of Dell. They explore potential PC upgrade cycles driven by AI and Nvidia’s latest AI platform introduced at Computex. Elon Musk’s “strategic” use of Nvidia AI chips and Apple’s prospective partnership with OpenAI ahead of WWDC are also discussed.

After the break, Dan is joined by Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital and Ezra co-Founder Emi Gal as our “Funders x Founders” series returns. The guys are highlighting the company’s mission to revolutionize early cancer detection through AI-driven MRI scans, focusing on goals to expand accessibility and improve early detection rates over the next decade.


  • Pump The Brakes On An Upgrade Cycle (2:00)
  • Computex (7:30)
  • Musk Chip Moving (12:00)
  • Deebo Previews Wwdc (14:30)
  • Starting Ezra (32:00)
  • Digital Health X Firstmark (34:30)
  • Pricing (43:00)
  • Pushbacks (50:00)
  • The Future For Ezra (55:00)
  • Biohacking (59:30)

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