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Guy Adami and I are back with our weekly video podcast series The Macro Setup brought to you by our presenting sponsor Nadex, the leading U.S. exchange in binary options, knockouts, and call spreads.



  • Paul Tudor Jones says things are “batsh*t crazy”
  • Housing bubble brewing?
  • Jamie Dimon’s warning
  • Guest: Chris Vecchio, DailyFX Senior Strategist


“Things are absolutely batsh*t crazy and at some point we have to say ‘ok wait, slow down, we’re going to get back in the lanes and we’re going to drive like we used to.”

“If they treat these numbers — which were material events, they were very material — if they treat them with nonchalance, I think it’s just a green light to bet heavily on every inflation trade…If they say, ‘We’re on path, things are good,’ then I would just go all in on the inflation trades. I’d probably buy commodities, buy crypto, buy gold.”

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