Risk Reversal - The Macro Setup Podcast

Guy Adami and I are back with the Macro SetUp brought to you by our presenting sponsor Nadex, the leading U.S. exchange in binary options, knockouts, and call spreads.

On today’s show, we discussed the euphoria manifesting itself in all sorts of risk markets, stocks, options, and of course crypto!  We discuss Q4 earnings season and consider what might be priced in, and we take a look at the charts in S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, VIX, Treasury Yields, USD, Gold, and Bitcoin.

We are joined by our friend Peter Boockvar CIO of Bleakley Advisors, CNBC Contributor, author of The Boock Report, follow him on Twitter @PBoockvar.

See charts below.

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-Market Sentiment…Options Activity


-Vaccine Rollout is really the most important thing for the market here… but

-Stimulus….again with this??

We all have Options!

Bullish Stock Bets Explode as Major Indexes Repeatedly Set Records – WSJ



How Options Trading Could Be Fueling a Stock Market Bubble – NYT


SPX 1yr


NDX 1yr


VIX 2yr


US 10yr Yield 1yr chart

US 10yr Yield 10yr chart

US 10yr Yield 30yr chart


DXY (USD) 1yr chart

DXY (USD) 20yr chart


XAU 1yr (Gold)


Bitcoin (BTC) 5yr chart