Guy Adami and I are back with the Macro Setup brought to you by our presenting sponsor Nadex, the leading U.S. exchange in binary options, knockouts, and call spreads.




1. Transitory Tantrum? Housing starts in April disappoint, lumber and existing home shortages to blame?

2. Infrastructure Bi-Partisan Deal?

3. The Big Distort… Michael Burry bets big against Tesla. Multiple areas of euphoria are coming undone, SPACs, IPOs, Meme stocks, and crypto.

4. Under the hood, not so rosy for stocks… we lost homebuilders, energy, materials, and banks need to hold the line. Bitcoin THE Most Crowded Trade.




SPX 1yr

SPX 5yr

NDX 1yr

10yr U.S. Treasury Yield 2yr chart

10yr U.S. Treasury Yield 10yr chart

10yr U.S. Treasury Yield 30yr chart

DXY 1yr

DXY 10yr chart

Gold (XAU) 1yr chart

Gold (XAU) 10yr chart

NEM 10yr chart

Bitcoin 1yr (33% from its highs)

TSLA 1yr (35% from its highs)

IPO Index 1yr (25% from highs)

SPAC Index 1yr (25% from its highs)