Risk Reversal - The Macro Setup Podcast

Guy Adami and I are back with our weekly video podcast series The Macro Setup brought to you by our presenting sponsor IG US, one of North America’s fastest-growing foreign exchange brokers. See the charts referenced in the video below.




Equity Euphoria, Call Options Activity exploding, VIX Holds the line

Bitcoin’s Big Bang

Narratives about the USD, Defi, etc

Yield Curve Steepening, 10yr yield near 1yr high, banks love it



VIX 2yr

Call Options Volume

SPX 2yr

NDX 2yr

RTY 3yr

Bitcoin 1yr

Bitcoin 5yr


Bitcoin 2018

Bitcoin 2020

SPX 3yr chart (20% peak to trough decline Q4 2018 and 35% peak to trough decline Q1 2020)

DXY (USD) 3yr Chart

Gold (XAU) 3yr

This brings us to DOGE

Keyword… JOKE

Not to Elon

OK back to reality…

Rates rising:

1yr chart of 10yr US Treasury Yield

10yr chart of 10yr US Treasury Yield

2-10 UST Yield Spread, 10year chart

Banks stocks love it