I joined my fellow CNBC Fast Money panelist Guy Adami and our friend Danny Moses (who you may know from The Big Short) on another episode of our podcast, On The Tape. See more about what we’re doing here.


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Guy, Dan and Danny discuss this week’s volatility event in the cannabis space (3:25), the state of tech valuations and M&A (9:40) amidst news on TikTok and Walmart/Oracle and rumored talks between Pinterest and Microsoft. We break down the changing market structure with payment for order flow company Virtu Financial (17:39).


The co-hosts interview crypto investors Meltem Demirors and Brian Kelly (22:03), and debate the pillars of the bull case for bitcoin as we see some publicly-traded companies put bitcoin on their balance sheets. Dan gets meme-d (are we using that correctly?) by Meltem as she describes what bitcoin and decentralized finance represent for the next generation of investors and what this all has to do with the WallStreetBets traders and GME volatility.


For some additional resources and links from our guests (including BK’s presentation on Bitcoin and Beyond), click here. Here’s one slide from his presentation for a taste:


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