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MorningWord 6/4/20: 10% is the new 3.5%

June 4, 2020 8:11 am by Dan • MorningWord

I get a lot of reader and viewer feedback on a daily basis via my Twitter and by email. It is amazing the correlation between negative comments in a largely anonymous public forum that is …

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May 14, 2020 by Dan • MorningWord

This week’s price action in the U.S. stock market is a fairly clear example of the old Wall Street adage that investors often “Buy the Rumor and Sell the News”. In this instance, there was …

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May 12, 2020 by Dan • Trade Ideas

This tweet from @NorthmanTrader regarding an observation from technician Jonathan Krinsky also on Twitter regarding Apple’s (AAPL) recent price action caught my eye as I, like all of you have been counting the days until …

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May 11, 2020 by Dan • Trade Ideas

Last week shares of Uber (UBER) rallied 15% on its (and its major ride-share competitor in the U.S., LYFT’s) Q1 “earnings” which I guess were not as bad as investors expected. I am not sure …

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