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Big Printin’ – Kellogg (K) Call Tree

February 21, 2017 4:16 pm by Dan • Big Printin'

There was an interesting options trade today in a relatively uninteresting stock, Kellogg (K). When the stock was trading $74.15 a trader paid 14 cents for the March 80 / 85 / 90 call tree, 20,000 …

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February 16, 2017 by Dan • Big Printin'

I’ll offer one of our usual disclaimers when it comes to discussing unusual options activity, we don’t place a whole heck of a lot of credence in it, without intimate knowledge of the trade, the trader’s …

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February 16, 2017 by CC • Morning Word

We’re going to update a few more trade ideas from the past few weeks with an eye towards trade management. This time, Qualcom (QCOM) bullish trade ideas that have worked well, and a healthcare select …

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February 16, 2017 by Mike Khouw • Big Printin'

Yesterday on Fast Money we discussed some unusual Options Action in Home Depot (HD) which hit a new high of 142.66 today. Specifically we saw an opening buyer pay .42 for 1,332 March 150 calls. Ultimately …

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February 15, 2017 by Dan • Big Printin'

Shortly before noon there was a large print in Lowe’s (LOW) calls that I thought was worth discussing for a handful of reasons. First, the stock is up nearly 2% today, trading at 5 month …

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