In a special, bonus episode of On The Tape, we are joined by ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis, where we discuss her latest project called “GameStopped”, out today on Hulu.   You can give it a listen on the website or at your preferred podcast store (Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, and Deezer) and please subscribe to have it delivered to your devices each Friday.

We discuss what it’s like to cover business news for a broader audience at ABC. We also learn about her latest project called “GameStopped” that was just released on Hulu, a deep dive with all the key players from the Reddit/GameStop frenzy. The documentary features our very own Danny Moses.   “GameStopped” Press Release and Trailer Rebecca’s podcast: No Limits   Please rate and review and share it with your friends as this will help people find it.   And as always we want to hear your feedback. Please hit us with any comments at, and follow us at @OnTheTapePod. You can always tweet us individually @RiskReversal@GuyAdami & @DMoses34.