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On this episode of On The Tape On this episode of On The Tape Dan, Guy and Danny discuss what events this week (earnings, Biden-Xi meeting, econ data) are saying about the economy (3:00), expectations of rate cuts next year sparking panic buying (11:30), the promise of a soft landing (18:00), being a market pundit (20:30), the Starbucks walk out (25:00), IPO spinoff talk swirls around SpaceX’s Starlink (27:00), and Danny’s NFL picks (28:00).
Later, CME Group CEO Terry Duffy joins the conversation for his take on risk management in a time of uncertainty (35:00), what investors should be focused on (37:30), innovation for new products/existing products (39:00), his philosophy in regards to risk management (40:00), FTX/regulation (43:50), the importance of rigor (49:00), the market structure (51:30), the retail trader (54:30), what keeps him going as a CEO (59:00), their Google Cloud relationship (1:02:00), his expectations for the stock market in 2024 (1:05:30), and the CME Group Tour Championship (1:08:00).
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