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On this episode of On The Tape Guy, Dan, and Danny discuss mixed messages in the market (1:00), where’s the recession? (6:00), the best-looking charts in the market, according to Danny (9:30), mega-cap tech stocks not acting well (10:30), Morgan Stanley’s Tesla upgrade (14:30), banks (16:30), Danny pounding the table on Genius Sports/Sportradar stocks (25:00), airlines (26:30), Vertu (32:00), Danny’s NFL picks (33:00), and Gamestop (33:30) . Later, Danny and Guy sit down with Michael Kao, a private investor at Kao Family Office, to discuss the four horsemen impacting the Fed (40:00), natural gas (45:00), what would trigger oil to sell-off (46:30), China (49:00), global macro headwinds for oil (55:00), Japan (1:00:00), and yields (1:05:00).

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