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On this episode of On The Tape Vinny Daniel joins Guy Adami and Danny Moses for this week’s On The Tape. Will Jerome Powell have the… nerve… to keep raising rates (1:00)? The warning signs were there for Silicon Valley Bank and the “stress tests” failed (6:00). Guy finally watched The Big Short and the differences between the GFC and today (15:00). What’s the next step for financial regulators and lawmakers (21:00)? Bond volatility could be a canary in the coalmine for future troubles in the equity market (29:00). Is now the time to get into the energy sector (32:40)?
Brian Belski is the Chief Investment Strategist at BMO Capital Markets. Brian walks us through his background and how it is impacting his current outlook on the market (38:30). What financials will lead going into the next market (48:30)? Brian makes the case that the next recession will be mild (56:00). Brian makes a bullish case for the communications sector (1:02:30). How is Brian navigating geopolitical risk and is he buying gold along with Guy & Danny (1:07:30)?

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Steve Eisman clips from CNBC’s Fast Money


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