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On this episode of Okay, Computer. On this episode of Okay, Computer. Dan Nathan and Deirdre Bosa discuss the Instacart IPO (2:30), Arm Falls After Bernstein Downplays Company’s AI Prospects (9:00), semi stocks (13:30), and Pinterest shares rally after executives tell Wall Street that growth is reaccelerating (14:30). Later, Dan is joined by Katie Stanton of Moxxie Ventures and Kwindla Hultman Kramer, CEO at Daily, to discuss their funder/founder origin story (26:00), about Daily (28:00), the challenge and promise of video (31:00), what separates Daily from Zoom (32:30), AI (38:30), video vertical strategies (40:30), and new innovations to be on the lookout for (44:30).

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