On this episode of Okay, Computer. On this episode of Okay, Computer. Dan Nathan and Deirdre Bosa chat about investors piling back into stocks (2:00), BlackRock going big on mega-cap (5:30), whether the AI bubble is reinflating (10:00), Datadog surging (12:30), OpenAI’s ‘Extinction Event’ For Other AI Startups (15:00), and Uber earnings (19:15).
Later, Dan sits down with Joe Marchese and Richard Betts, co-CEOs of CKBG, about how Komos Tequila came to be (26:45), what sets Komos apart from other brands (33:20), building a luxury consumer product brand (27:00), breaking into the hospitality industry (39:20), the size of the tequila market (41:15), stayfrisky.com (43:30), Richard’s Tim Ferriss interview (46:30), being a master sommelier and why he gave it up (47:50), making the tequila the celebrity (53:20), and the Komos Foundation (54:30).
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