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On the latest episode of OKay, Computer. Dan talks with FirstMark Capital’s Founder & Managing Director Rick Heitzmann on navigating the bear market (2:34), mounting layoffs in tech and other industries (8:56), the threat of margin calls for institutional & retail investors (12:26), softness for SaaS companies (14:20), and why having cash will control your destiny amid the turmoil (18:45). Later, Dan speaks to BKCM founder & CEO Brian Kelly about why he thinks crypto coins are still currencies (22:48), crypto not proving to be a hedge against inflation (24:32), the fallout from Celsius freezing withdrawals and its impact on DeFi (31:56), Brian’s belief that there’s a generational opportunity to buy crypto coming up (38:29), how the latest crypto crash will trigger more regulation (43:20), and if crypto poses a systemic risk to the financial system (44:40).

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