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On this episode of Okay, Computer. TechCheck’s Deirdre Bosa is back for another edition of Okay, Computer!
Google vs. Microsoft, who will emerge as the AI leader (1:30)? Look to Meta and Snap for the next wave of AI announcements (4:30). Nvidia earnings report recap (9:30). Chat bots are growing organically inside Microsoft and Bing, how many unicorns are out there (13:30)? Steve Ballmer’s AI warning (15:30). Potential TikTok ban (18:00).
Matt Turck is a Partner at venture capital firm FirstMark, where he focuses mostly on early-stage enterprise and B2B investing. Prior to FirstMark, Matt was a startup founder, tech executive and angel investor. Since 2011, he has been running Data Driven NYC, the largest data and AI community in the US and He also organizes Hardwired NYC, a community focused on deep tech. Matt actively blogs at and can be followed on Twitter at @mattturck
On the pod, Dan, Matt and Rick discuss the nuances of tweeting and Matt’s journey to FirstMark Capital (27:00:00). Matt and Rick give us the rundown on the 2023 “M.A.D.” Landscape aka Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data (36:00). Tech’s move from Silicon Valley to New York City (38:30). Is generative AI the overhyped buzzword of 2023 (51:00)? What’s next in the AI space for Matt (1:04:30)?

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