On this episode of Okay, Computer. On this episode of Okay, Computer. Deidre Bosa joins Dan Nathan for a vibe check on big tech earnings. They hit Amazon (3:10), Microsoft (5:50), Anthropic (13:55), the Biden Administration’s AI executive order (18:30), Nvidia (21:10), and Apple’s China problem (24:10). Later, Dan chats with Stuart Sopp and Trevor Marshall of Current to discuss the Money 20/20 conference (30:25), the state of FinTech (35:30), what they are watching in the public markets (45:15) and how they are thinking about AI (48:45).
Articles mentioned in the podcast:
OpenAI’s Corporate Sales Come Under Pressure as AI Customers Eye Cheaper Options
Google Commits $2 Billion in Funding to AI Startup Anthropic
Nvidia’s $5 Billion of China Orders in Limbo After Latest US Curbs

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