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On the latest episode of Okay, Computer. Dan speaks with GGV Capital Managing Partner Jeff Richards about when investors may return to risk-on mode (2:59), why Jeff would keep buying Amazon stock despite the bear market (10:33), VC legend Bill Gurley’s take on the current investment cycle (16:11), how startups are adapting to valuation resets (20:25), and deglobalization’s rude awakening to the markets (28:42). Later, Dan talks to Katie Stanton & Alex Roetter of Moxxie Ventures about Katie joining Yahoo’s board of directors (42:15), whether Twitter can re-accelerate growth if Elon Musk actually buys it (45:12), how it’s a great time for early-stage investors amid a murky outlook for startups (52:11), and why they’re bullish on climate tech (58:27).

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