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Deirdre Bosa is back for another edition of Okay, Computer. Deirdre gives us the lowdown on her visit to Nvidia’s GTC 2024 & her interview with Clara Shih of Salesforce (2:00), the quest to break Nvidia’s AI software lock (7:00), Reddit goes public via IPO (12:15), the vibe around private tech (17:15).

Later, Dan is joined by Katie Stanton of Moxxie Ventures and Jessica Ewing of Literati for the latest installment of the Funders x Founders series. They discuss the unique way Katie and Jessica met (22:00), the inspiration behind Literati (26:40), their process for picking books (29:15), entering school book fairs (32:15), why investors should be paying attention to this space (38:00), Literati in schools (40:20) and what makes a great investor (45:00).

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