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Yesterday we launched the Okay, Computer. Podcast, hosted by Dan Nathan, Katie Stanton, Rick Heitzmann & Packy McCormick with contributors Meltem Demirors, Cleo Abram, Sally Shin, and Jarrod Dicker.

Each week we will break down the biggest headlines and themes in both public and private markets, with a specific focus on the intersection of web2 and web3. We will be joined by some of the most influential voices in tech, media, and crypto leaving the listener with fresh perspectives on increasingly complicated topics impacting their lives and investment portfolios.

Listen to our trailer, introducing our cast, with conversations with each with Dan over the last few months on our other podcast, On The Tape, and our very first episode “Why is Everyone Dunking on Dixon?” by clicking below or searing for Okay, Computer. in the podcast store.


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