@10:46, FREE ACCESS, Podcasts April 29, 2021

@10:46 with Guy Adami and Dan Nathan

by Dan

Join us live for our weekly series brought to you by OpenExchange.


Each Thursday at 10:46 am ET on OpenExchange, Guy Adami and Dan Nathan offer their hot takes on the most notable Wall Street research of the week. Guy and Dan bring their own unique brand of stock and macro-level calls and tease out the bull/bear cases over the course of 14 minutes.


Tune in Today @10:46 AM ET


Today we’ll discuss a bearish macro call from Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson, recap some strong tech earnings, including an upgrade from a venerable investment bank, on the most venerable of tech stocks from a Sell to a Neutral rating…and we discuss a downgrade in the telecom and media landscape.

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