On The Tape, Podcasts February 12, 2021

On The Tape Podcast – Additional Crypto Resources

by Spencer Korek

As promised, here are some additional resources from our guests from this week’s episode of On The Tape.


Crypto Resources from Meltem Demirors @Melt_Dem:

– QE Dystopia and Corporate Bitcoin Adoption https://coinshares.com/research/qe-dystopia-bitcoin-adoption

– A Little Bit of Bitcoin Goes a Long Way – Our CoinShares Research on bitcoin allocation strategies in traditional portfolios https://coinshares.com/research/a-little-bitcoin-goes-a-long-way

– Bitcoin’s Role in an Investment Portfolio https://coinshares.com/research/bitcoins-role-in-an-investment-portfolio

– More on Breach – the new bitcoin insurance company https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/us/news/cyber/breach-places-industryfirst-crypto-insurance-policy-245260.aspx


Brian Kelly: @BKBrianKelly and BKCM.co

Slide presentation: Bitcoin and Beyond

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