Macro Setup, Podcasts, Trade Ideas December 15, 2020

The Macro SetUp Podcast with Guy Adami & Dan Nathan

by Dan

Guy Adami and I are back with the Macro SetUp brought to you by our presenting sponsor Nadex, the leading U.S. exchange in binary options, knockouts, and call spreads.

We discuss the technical setup in the SPX and NDX, what AMZN’s first ten years as a publicly-traded stock have in common with TSLA’s first ten years, and what it might say about its next, how the Fed’s commentary tomorrow might affect the recent rise in rates and the fall in the U.S. dollar.


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Charts from video:

SPX 1yr

SPX 6 month


NDX 1yr

NDX 6 months



TSLA 2yr


TSLA market cap vs Global Autos combined market caps

TSLA 10yr since IPO – Linear

TSLA 10yr since IPO – Log




AMZN 1997 IPO to 2010




10 year US Treasury Yield, 1-year chart

10 year US Treasury Yield, 20-year chart


DXY 1yr  – US Dollar

DXY 6 month  – US Dollar